Early Commitment 2024 Vendors

Welcome to Käthe Wohlfahrt of America, the premier source of German inspired and finely crafted holiday and seasonal décor items. Whether it’s Valentines Day, Easter, May Day, Fathers Day, Oktoberfest or Christmas, we have something for every occasion. Many of the items we offer, such as Nutcrackers, Incense Smokers, Pyramids and Ornaments reflect traditional German handicraft and skills that have flourished in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Germany for well over 200 years. Since 2001, Kathe Wohlfahrt of America has offered its exclusive products to North American audiences through its website, at its brick-and-mortar store in Stillwater, Minnesota, and in 2019 at 9 seasonal Christmas Markets in the U.S and Canada.
Rib Rangers Products is Bill and Barbara Milroy, a championship BBQ team that caters special events. They have a line of award-winning barbecue sauces, rubs and relishes. They have done it all, including doing demo and catering events all over the nation from 50 to 1500 people as well as serving up BBQ delights for select NASCAR race teams. Since creating Rib Rangers Products, Inc., in 1993, they have won over 1,000 major awards & competitions on the competitive BBQ circuit!
In 1951, Mr. Kurt Zühlke, City Manager of Königshofen told Arlington residents and City Officials about his hometown of Königshofen, a small Bavarian town about the same size as Arlington at that time, and about problems Königshofen was having. Because Königshofen was located just a few miles west of what had become the border between East and West Germany, hundreds of refugees from the communist East had overwhelmed the town. There was a real shortage of food and clothing.

On September 17, 1951, Mayor Vandergriff wrote to Königshofen’s Mayor Kaspar Lurz about Arlington’s decision to help out the residents of Königshofen and about the fact that the people of Arlington were anxious to strengthen the bonds between the United States and Germany and especially the bonds between the two cities. Then on November 29, 1951 Mayor Vandergriff wrote to Mr. Zühlke that they “will be interested to know that we already have several thousand pounds of clothing, bedding, canned goods, thread, needles, etc…” and that “over 100 people are actively working on our committees.”

In recognition of our German Sister City, the Sister Cities of Arlington volunteers have a booth at the Texas Christkindl Market featuring many handmade holiday, lace gifts from Germany. The Sister Cities have items such as decorative tree ornaments, custom light scenes, creative table covers, limited addition Christkindl pins and mugs, and much more.

Rick Allen Designs creates beautiful and unique art jewelry. He designs and creates all of the jewelry.  Some of the pieces may get close to what is considered “traditional” jewelry, but mostly he “colors outside the lines” and creates unique, expressive, art jewelry.  By far his favorite style is one of a kind, fun art jewelry pieces. He loves it when a person hears a piece speak to them. It’s like they found an old friend they didn’t know they had. There is a joy and a comfort felt when that happens, both for Rick and the person that takes it home.

Florvino is the exclusive wine provider at the Texas Christkindl Market. In the tradition of German Markets, they serve some of the finest wines and famous Gluwein.

“Passion for CREATIVITY”

FlorVino crafts some of the most creative wines and also applies creative production methods. They collaborate with one of the best wineries of Texas Hill Country to deliver one-of-a-kind flower wines.

“Passion for COMMUNITY”

The experience of wine has to be shared in community. FlorVino collaborates with other wineries and tasting rooms to bring delicious flavors and one of a kind flower wine experiences right into your community.


FlorVino flower wines can be delivered to your door within a day to three days. This service for customers is delivered by another collaborative family business which delivers the most efficient wine distribution service in Texas.

“Passion for CELEBRATION”

The success of any brand depends on the word of mouth of its customers. At FlorVino we celebrate and acknowledge our raving customers. In the end, we build Community together, in Creative Collaboration and all share in the Celebration of success. Discover, explore and join the FlorVino Rave Club.

Daryoush Ababaf is a gifted Persian artist who was born in 1964 in Tehran, Iran. His German mother, a descendant of a long line of artists and art patrons, fostered Daryoush’s talent as a child. He then received technical training under the supervision of the most reputable art masters, in the workshops held by the Iranian Ministry of Culture. There he became familiar with other Iranian traditional arts such as Xylography, Signet, Toreutics and Miniature.

Sawdust and Bullets features one-of-a-kind creations from wood, acrylic and shell casings. All products are made by the owners. From the unique kitchen and bar utensils, to pens, to knives, to shaving, to lighters – all items reflect the creativity of the owners. Sawdust and Bullets have a loyal following – many who request customized products. Sawdust and Bullets have been a proud vendor at the Texas Christkindl Market for years!

Grandma Cleda has been making Peanut Brittle and more for over 50 years for her family and friends and now you can make life delicious with our gourmet small batch brittle. Grandma Cleda’s story is about overcoming and giving back. She worked for over two years to make her brittle light and crunchy. A few years ago, she taught her son to make it, so future generations could enjoy and share. In her 80’s, she is excited to make a difference through her faith in God and love for her family and friends. Based in Mineola, Texas, everything they make is a real treat!

Lael Alpaca works with local farmers in their native Peru, closely partnering with them to support sustainable practices and improve local communities. Lael Alpaca offers sweaters, dresses, scarves, gloves, hats, ruana-styled wraps, vests, children’s apparel, and more. Women’s tops and children’s clothing are made with Pima cotton, the premiere Peruvian cotton which highly durable despite its satiny, cashmere-like feel. Lael is committed to customer service and satisfaction. They vow to bring customers the best alpaca products on the market.

Heaven Scent by CJ opened in 2020, Heaven Scent by CJ has built a reputation for designing products of the finest quality. We pride ourselves on using only high-quality ingredients and reusable hand-carved dough bowls, to create our handmade dough bowl candles, rustic dough bowl lanterns, and our handmade soaps. Though we now ship to customers far and wide, each item that we sell is still made right here in our Venus shop. Each item that ends up in your home is sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care. Please visit us the the 2023 Texas Christkindl Market.

Buckin’ Nuts wants to offer the best peanut snack out there, while supporting local farms & community. Peanuts deep fried in Peanut Oil – what else could you ask for? When frying the peanut at such a high heat, you are able to eat the entire shell & all! No mess, no waste, all crunch. The snack is unique, fun, and brings a lot of flavor. Their goal is to show how versatile a peanut can be… I mean look at some of the flavors!

JJ’s Concessions was formed late 2014. Jason, the owner, was formerly Manager for Big Sky Concessions and has been involved in the concession business for over seven years.

In early 2014, Jason, a Montana resident, met a Texas girl, and fell in love and in October of 2014 JJ’s Concessions was born. This husband, wife, and family team travel across country with kids in tow and serve people from all walks of life and live in Longview, Texas when they aren’t serving up delicious food.

Serving great German food at the Texas Christkindl Market for years, the JJ’s team serve schnitzel, bratwurst, funnel cakes and more.

Thank you to our sponsors:

November 22 – December 23, 2024 

1650 E Randol Mill Road, Arlington, TX 76011


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