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New to Christkindl this year, the Arctic Blast Tubing Run is an amazing tubing attraction with a 200-foot-long track that replicates a tube ride in the snow.

The tubing run uses state of the art snow technology to create “the closest thing you’ll find to snow in DFW,” according to Southern Star Events spokeswoman Joe Horan. He says professional athletes who specialize in winter sports train on this new amazing Technology, and Texas Christkindl Market is the only place in the Lone Star State to offer the technology to guests.

* Riders must be 40″ to be able to ride

* Maximum weight 235 lbs per rider

* 1 rider per tube

* Riders must sit on their bottoms with legs hanging over the top.

* Two tubes can go down at the same time

COST: $3 per slide or $10 unlimited turns